It’s 2022 Make Nine Time!

January is planning time. The whole year is ahead of us, just waiting to be filled with all sorts of activities and projects. I have a brand new planner, colorful pens, and a bunch of… View Post

Comfy in 2022: Peppermint Slouchy Cardi

Ah, winter in Los Angeles! While many parts of the US experience freezing temperatures, here we bundle up when the thermometer hits the 60s. It is true that some days it can get colder, but… View Post

The Sewist Tag, or Get to Know Me Better

The Seamstress Tag has been around for some time. As this is my first post of 2022, I thought it would be a good idea to start the year by sharing a little bit more… View Post

The Year in Review: 2021, Good Riddance!

I am not going to lie—when 2021 exits the building, I am going to lock all doors so it cannot come back. What a year this has been… and not in a good way. I… View Post

Last-Minute Party Dress: Seamwork Kenedy

Ah, the holiday season! It seems that not a day goes by without an event—luncheon with co-workers, dinner with family, drinks with friends. This is your opportunity to sew more frosting than you can wear—all… View Post