It’s 2022 Make Nine Time!

My Make Nine for 2022: From top to bottom, left to right: Pippa Dress, Granville Shirt, Brooklyn Skirt, Maggie Two-piece Swimsuit, Aster Top, Birkin Flair Jeans, Wilder Gown, Carolyn Pajamas, and Dolores Corset
My Make Nine for 2022: From top to bottom, left to right: Pippa Dress, Granville Shirt, Brooklyn Skirt, Maggie Two-Piece Swimsuit, Aster Top, Birkin Flair Jeans, Wilder Gown, Carolyn Pajamas, and Dolores Corset

January is planning time. The whole year is ahead of us, just waiting to be filled with all sorts of activities and projects. I have a brand new planner, colorful pens, and a bunch of plans swirling in my head. After spending some time thinking about what I like to wear and what might be missing from my wardrobe, I came up with my very first Make Nine list.

There are a few firsts in this list. I have never sewn a pair of jeans, mostly because I don’t wear pants, but maybe I don’t wear jeans because I have never found a pair that fits properly. I sewed some sleepwear before, but I have never even owned a nice pair of proper pajamas. And even though I have made a corset for a costume before (my Catra interpretation, I have yet to make one with the busk.

Selection Criteria

I have way too many patterns already, so my first priority was selecting from patterns that I already own. As already mentioned, I have never considered sewing pants before, so I have never purchased a pattern for jeans. I am going with the Paper Dahl Birkin Flares Jeans. I will also have to buy the Closet Core Carolyn Pajamas pattern. The Araena Black Dolores Corset is a free PDF pattern. All patterns must fulfill one of two purposes: They either fill a hole in my wardrobe or allow me to expand my sewing skills.

My Make Nine Selections

Aster Top, Collete Patterns (Seamwork Magazine)

Image of three versions of the buttoned-up Aster Blouse: one version with short sleeves, one with long sleeves, and one with flutter sleeves.
Aster Blouse, Three Versions

I need more shirts in my wardrobe. I have a ton of tees, but only a handful of buttoned-up shirts. The Aster offers many variations, so once I get the bodice properly fitted, I can make multiples versions. I am a sucker for pin tucks and flutter sleeves, and the Aster offers both. This is also the perfect pattern for some light, flowy fabrics like voile and rayon—two of my favorites.

Birkin Flare Jeans, Paper Dahl Patterns

Image of the lower half of a woman's body. She wears boot-cut jeans and open-toe shoes.
Paper Dahl Birkin Flare Jeans (Image: Paper Dahl Patterns)

Given my extensive collection of boots, it only makes sense that I would choose a pattern for a pair of bootcut jeans. This is one of two patterns I will have to buy. I have no idea how to sew pants. The thought of the many modifications I will have to make to have them fit me gives me the shivers. But all the reviews I read on this pattern highlight how great the instructions are, and I know I can find tons of resources on sewing jeans online. No one said this would be easy…

Brooklyn Skirt, Seamwork Magazine

Image of a woman with her hair on a ponytail. She wears a pink wrap top and a burgundy skirt with one front pleat.
Brooklyn Skirt (Image: Seamwork Magazine)

All my skirts are Delphines (Tilly and the Buttons pattern from her first book, Love at First Stitch). I love the pattern, but I really need some variety in the skirt department. I downloaded the Brooklyn as soon as it was released, and the pattern has been collecting dust ever since. I had a RTW skirt in black wool just like this one; it became too tight as the years went by. I am very excited to try to recreate it.

Carolyn Pajamas, Closet Core Patterns

Image of a blonde woman wearing blue pajamas with short sleeves and shorts. The fabric has white clouds.
Carolyn Pajamas, Closet Core Patterns (Image: Closet Core Patterns)

My sleepwear consists of tees, leggings, and shorts. They are sleepwear because I sleep wearing them. It is time for a few cute pairs of pajamas, and the Carolyn is the cutest pattern around. I love the piping details! Both versions are adorable, and I can only imagine how comfy a long-sleeve/pants combo in a nice cotton flannel will feel against the skin. This is the only other paid pattern not on my stash.

Dolores Corset, Araena Black Pattens

Line drawing of a corset
Dolores Corset Line Drawing

So, I am a goth who knows how to sew. I go by SewGoth. But in all my years of sewing, I have only sewn one corset. One. Before the Goth Council comes after me, I am going to make the most splendidly goth corset I can sew. Just looking at the row of eyelets makes me pity my hands, but I can no longer hide behind cheap corsets purchased online. It is time I fashion my own. I am a huge fan of Araena—her corset patterns are beautiful, and she is an a amazing source of information when the topic is corsets. Oh, did I mention this is a FREE pattern?

Granville Shirt, Sewaholic Patterns

Image of a woman with long blonde hair in front of a white background. She is wearing a long-sleeve chambray buttoned-up shirt and black pants.
Granville Shirt (Image: Sewaholic Patterns)

The Granville was all the rage when it was released, and it is still one of the most beloved shirt patterns around. I have a thing for structured shirts that button all the way up. I really like that the Granville is not a boxy garment but follows the lines of the body. I think I am going to end up reducing the length of the sleeves as I have issues with overheating. I want to find all the dark/spooky/Halloween fabric and make dozens of this shirt.

Maggie Two-Piece Swimsuit, Seamwork Magazine

Image of a woman with long light brown hair standing in front of a white background. She is wearing a two piece swimsuit in light blue fabric.
Maggie Swimsuit (Image: Seamwork Magazine)

My years of baking under the sun like a lizard are over, but whenever I go back home, I enjoy some beach time under a big umbrella. I have made a couple of swimsuits before using the Maison Fleur 8101 pattern. They are really nice and fit well, but I think that a two-piece might provide more support for my chest. I want to sew a couple of swimsuits before I go to Brazil in June.

Pippa Wrap Dress, Designer Stitch Patterns

Image of line drawing of front and back of a wrap dress
Pippa Dress, Front and Back

I have an increasing need for dresses in my life. I came across the Pippa dress when it went on sale back in December. I am looking forward to this pattern as my previous experience with a wrap dress pattern (Seamwork Reggie) did not work so well—not the pattern’s fault; I picked a size too big. If I can get the size right with this one, it will most definitely become a TNT pattern.

Wilder Gown, Friday Pattern Co Patterns

Wilder Gown (Image: Friday Pattern Co)

I love how this gown looks. I love how flowy and romantic it is, and I have visions of roaming around cemeteries in a black version of it. Truth is, when I muslined the Wilder for a holiday dress a couple of years ago, the result left a lot to be desired. I put the muslin aside and never looked back. I think I can figure out a way to make it work. I want to find a way to make it work. This dress is just too pretty for me not to revisit it.

What’s in Your Make Nine List?

Do you have a list of your own? What are you going to focus on in 2022? I’d love to hear about your plans. Leave a comment below and let me know what you are sewing in 2022.


  1. February 3, 2022 / 10:06 pm

    I love the sleeves on the Aster, I am a sucker for flutter sleeves and only own a couple!

    Who doesn’t need a fluttery dress for running around cemeteries! XD

    • SewGoth
      February 6, 2022 / 12:29 pm

      Yes! I love flutter sleeves! They are so romantic and give a bit of drama to any garment. And cemeteries are really lovely places. I know most people think of them as sad places, but I love how peaceful and reverential they are.

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