2024, A Sewing Odyssey

Image of an open notebook on a table. The word sew is written repeatedly in blue, green, and yellow all over the pages. There are three markers, one blue, one green, and one yellow on the table.

Hello, my sewing friends, and welcome to 2024! This year has already started better than 2023—when at the very beginning, I broke my foot in a most banal accident and had to stay home for almost three months. I’m not saying that was all a waste; I love staying home, and honestly, I quite enjoyed the unexpected vacation, pain and all.

2024 has barely been born, and here we are, projecting all sorts of expectations on it. I’m not one to “resolute” much. I’m fully supportive if you are a resolutions person, and I even envy you a bit. In my experience with resolutions, I hardly ever implement any of them—’cause, you know, life happens—and then I feel bad about my lack of follow-through.

But I’m not gonna say that I start the year without any sort of measure of accountability towards myself. After all, I love planners and colorful pens. So I decided on a few goals that I will dutifully write down on my brand new planner (still not purchased yet!) with my many, MANY gel pens and markers that I have around in house. Oh, I might need some stickers for that!

2024 Sewing Goals

More Goth

Singer Souxsie as she dances

My first goal in 2024 is to fully embrace my weird, corky, and sometimes awkward self. I am super excited about this one. I’ve often toned down my unconventional ways to avoid making people uncomfortable. In my club heydays, going out was enough of an outlet for my gothiness. With my clubbing days reduced to a couple of times a year, the only way to satisfy my need for dark attire is to bring it into the light of day. 

Better Fit

image of front and back pieces for a pair of shorts, The pieces have markings in red to show where adjustments were made.

My second goal is to spend more time working out fitting issues. I have a very good idea of what I have to do to make patterns fit my body; the thing is, sometimes I am too lazy to get such adjustments done. I want to slow down and really focus on how my clothes fit me close to perfectly (because perfection is the enemy of good!).

Pattern Drafting

Image of a green cutting table with a paper with measurements for a skirt

My last goal is to rely less on patterns and more on drafting. This is a tough one. I feel very confident in hacking and mashing patterns, and I do quite well when drafting simple garments, but I would like to master the art of drafting. I have the impression that this will be one of those suggestions I will end up leaving by the side of the road—I do love a shortcut if there is one available, and patterns are such great shortcuts. But drafting seems like the next frontier, so I’m gonna give it a try.

SewGoth in 2024

The blog has always been a reflection of what I am doing in my sewing corner (one day, it will be a room!!!). As I move towards more goth in my wardrobe, there will definitely be more goth-inspired projects. I love me a good tutorial, so there will be more of them—especially as I work to refine fit. And I’ll share my adventures in drafting—we might get a few good laughs in this department.

I want SewGoth to be a place where any sewist, goth or not, can come to find education, inspiration, and motivation (that’s the teacher in me, folks!). If you have a question or a request, please let me know. Happy sewing!


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