About Me

My name is Paula, and SewGoth is my sewing blog. SewGoth provides goth/alt folks with education, inspiration, and support as they sew a wardrobe that fits their body and unique style.

Finding clothing that fits my body and my style has never been easy. I started sewing because I felt there was nothing in the world of ready to wear that represented me. Little by little, I am building a wardrobe that expresses who I am.

I love lace blouses, corsets, and knee-high boots, but I also want to feel comfortable. I sew to bring goth and comfort together and create a wardrobe that is uniquely mine.

My goal is to help start a revolution in the fashion status quo, carving spaces for the alt/goth community to celebrate their unique style and bodies.

I hope you find here the motivation you need to say goodbye to ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and boring clothing and hello to your own amazing creations. Sewing changed my life. It can change yours, too.