About Me

My name is Paula, and SewGoth is my sewing blog. It is my account of how I bring my love of goth aesthetics into my lifestyle. I love lace blouses, corsets, and knee-high boots, but I also love to feel comfortable. I am working to bring goth and comfort together to create a wardrobe that is uniquely mine.

Finding clothing that fits my body and my style has never been easy. I started sewing because I felt there was nothing in the world of RTW that represented me. Little by little, I am building a wardrobe that expresses who I am.

My grandmother used to sew, and she had the most beautiful sewing machine I have ever seen. I wish that I had learned the joys of sewing from her, but it was only much later that I would show an interest in making my own clothes. Through sewing, I have learned to express and love myself.

I love cats. Really, REALLY love cats. My dream life is to have a house full of cats and all the time in the world to sew. Maybe one day. Until then, I will take care of one cat at a time and use my free time to grow my wardrobe.

In real life, I am a high school librarian.