Black Influence and Presence in the Goth Scene: A List of Resources

Just a quick heads up: This is not a post about sewing.

Even though goths of color have been an important part of the community since its creation, their presence is often underrepresented. If you have ever flipped through the pages of Gothic Beauty Magazine or browsed the online catalog of some of the most popular goth fashion brands, you would be left with the impression that the goth scene is very white. The goth ideal of an extremely pale, waif individual is still what most people associate with the word goth. It is important that the diversity in the goth scene is properly acknowledged and represented.

This is most definitely not an exhaustive list. My goal is for this post to be a living document—I will continue to research and add resources as I find them. If you know of a goth/alternative fashion brand, band or musician, publication, blog, podcast, or a social media channel or account that has not been included in this list, I would really appreciate it if you would share this information with me. I look forward to seeing this list get longer with more and more resources.

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“6 Alternative Black Women You Should Know” (Odyssey, 2016)

“7 Struggles Alternative Black People Know All Too Well” (Odyssey, 2016)

“Bianca Xunise Is A Black Goth, ‘Unapologetically Hood,’ and Changing the World with Comics” (The Establishment, 2018)

“Dolls Kill Address Their Insensitive Clothing and Inaction Towards Racism” (AP, 2020)

“The Day I Fell in Love with Afrogoth” (Jadisland Blog, 2020)

“Goths of Color: Representation, Agency, and Marginalization” (The Belfry Network, 2019, Podcast)

“Goth So White? Black Representation in the Post-Punk Scene” (Post-Punk.com, 2017)

“The Long History of Afrogoth, from Toni Morrison to M. Lamar” (Literary Hub, 2019)

“Meet the Black Girls of Goth” (Vox, 2017)

“Meet Lucy, Owner of Gothic Lamb: Clothing for Melanated Misfits” (BlackX, 2020)

“Othering the Other: The Plight of the Black Goth” (Huck, 2020)

There Is Nothing More Goth than Being Black” (Vice, 2020)


A Jordan Lambert

Black Sheep Goth

Color Me Goth

Dining with Dana

Fuck Yeah Black Goths

Living the Strange Life

Momo (Portfolio)

Rose Sanctuary

Stygian Siryn

YoYo in Wickedland


Adorned by Chi (@adornedbychi)

Clothing and accessories for “misfits and magical girls” that empower Black women and increase their visibility.

Bad Dhalia (@baddahlia)

T-shirts and accessories for “darkling alt babies” by YouTuber Marie Munsterful.

Beauty Bakery (@beautybakeriemakeup)

Cruelty-free makeup for people of all colors.

Blkgrlswurld (@blkgrlswurld_zine)

T-shirts, posters, zines, and stickers for “heavy girls who love heavy music.”

BoundUK (@bound_uk)

London-based contemporary fashion harness brand.

Black Girl Sunscreen (@blackgirlsunscreen)

Cruelty-free, vegan sunscreen created specifically for women of color.

Black Widow Beauty (@blackwidowbeauty_)

Cruelty-free, high-quality makeup and fake eyelashes for the goth, emo, and alternative communities.

Coloured Raine (@colouredraine)

Long-lasting, high-pigmented makeup for people of all colors.

Dark Jasmine (@darkjasminefashion)

Handmade clothing, jewelry, and accessories mixing alternative grunge with modern goth.

Dining with Dana Shop (@fatbatdana)

T-shirts and buttons based on art created by FatBatDana.

Dollbe (@dollbeshop)

High-quality handmade Lolita & J-fashion clothing with unique prints.

Elegy (@e.l.e.g.y)

Handmade and size-inclusive Lolita dresses.

Funky Punk NYC (@funkypunknyc)

Hand-drawn T-shirts inspired by old-fashioned horror, classic rock music, 50s, 60s, and 70s style comic book illustration, and Surrealist art.

Glam Goth Beauty (@glamgothbeauty)

Creepy, chic, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup with a “deadly and luxurious aesthetic.”

Gothic Lamb (@gothiclamb)

Clothing and accessories for “melanated misfits.”

Grl Trbl (@grl_trbl)

Inclusive, intersectional, and feminist clothing.

Lilith Et Adalia (@lilith_et_adalia)

Handmade, one-of-a-kind garments for adults and children.

The Lip Bar (@thelipbar)

Cruelty-free, vegan “makeup for people with shit to do.”

Love, Vera (@shoplovevera)

Intimate wear for women of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Mented Cosmetics (@mentedcosmetics)

Vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, and cruelty free nude makeup for women of all colors.

MossBadger (@mossbadger)

Limited edition garments, accessories, and textiles with prints influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic.

Nasty Gem/Nasty Basix (@nnnastygem and @nastybasix)

Sister stores. Handmade faux leather and vinyl accessories.

Pretty Boy Gothic (@prettyboygothic)

Goth-inspired men’s T-shirt and accessories.

Samantha Rei (@samanthareiofficial)

Clothing for “women to feel confident, strong and comfortable in their own skin.”

Sinister Sisters (@sinistersisters_)

LA-based alternative heavy, metal, glam, and goth clothing for women.

SpookieKidz (@spookie_kidz)

Gothic/alternative clothing brand.

SpookyKidsCo (@spookykidzclothing)

Dark/alternative T-shirts, caps, and accessories.

Strange and Savage (@strangeandsavage)

Gothic-inspired jewelry, accessories, and gifts.

Sweet and Disgusting (@sweetndisgustingshop)

90s and early 00s fashion and custom-created, hand-altered pieces.

Three Swords (@threeofswordsatl)

Comfortable, unique clothing for alternative people of color.

VonKreepArt (@cassandra_von_kreep)

Handmade leather, spikes, horror, oddity jewelry, and accessories.

Wickedland (@wickedlandjewelry)

Dark jewelry, pins, and accessories.



Bedtime Khal


Big Joanie

Bloc Party

Cardinal and Nun

Eliza Shaddad


Frank Ene



The Ire

Light Asylum

Martyr Whore

Midnight Nightmare

Militia Vox

Mt. Sims

None of Your Concern

O. Children

Q Lazzarus

Shadow Age

She Wants Revenge

TV On The Radio

Val Cain


X-Ray Xpex

The Wraith



Bianca Xunise




Cliques Comic

Darkly: Black History and America’s Gothic Soul (Leila Taylor, 2019)

Social Media Accounts:

Adana (@jinxaddie)

Adrian Oliva (@missblack_dahlia)


Alana (@kurofrills)

Angel Nightmare (@angelnightmarex)

Aria Macabre (@dixmacabre)

Baby Succubuz (@baby_succubuz)



Bo (@reginae.tenebras)

Brownbatsofthebelltower (@brownbatsofthebelltower)

Bubblyhentai (@bubblyhentai)

CocoaXchella (@cocoaxchella)

Constantine Latting (@dusklordconstantine)

CyRhen Sohngs (@cyrhen)

Darsuss (@deathaftercollege)

Dawn (@stygiansiryn)

Dolly Momoiro (@dolly_momoiro)

Dolly Vicious (@sicksadweird)

Drew Disaster (@drewdisaster)

Empire Noir (@noirhaus)

Fases da Bruxa (@fasesdabruxa)

Hansomfkndevol (@hansomfkndevol)

Gothellie (@gothellie)


Kaiser (@cursed.kaiser)

Keke Fierce (@helloxkela)

Kim (@bordeaux.eulalia)

Jamaa’l MrDarkchristian Todd (@artist_mdc)

Jasmine Amazing (@gothess.jasmine)

Joel Bernola (@1shinobi)

Lauren Anderson (@lunalucuna)

Meka (@morbidmeka)

Minerva Belle (@_minerva_belle_)

MMorgue Music (@morgue_ndorffer13)

Momo (@momothegoth)


Rose Nocturnalia (@rosenocturnalia)

Roxy Vail (@itsroxyvail)

Saturn Darkling (@saturnnx_)

×Twiggy× (@vile.t0astt)

Vlad Von Kitsch (@vladvonkitsch)

Yasmin Benoit (@theyasminbenoit)

yOyO In Wickedland (@yoyosuicide)

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels (@thestrangegoth)

YouTube Channels:

Angel Nightmare

Black Silk Magick


Daisy Black Desire


Dark Harmony

Dolly Momoiro

Drew Disaster

Glam Goth

Gothic Soulflower


Jasmine Amazing

Jess in King

Kai Decadence


MMorgue Music

Mori Darkmoss

NYC Black Goths



Rain Alt Model

Rose Nocturnalia


Victoria P

The Wonderful World of Minerva Belle

Yasmin Benoit

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