You Are a Carefree Sewist

You know that life is full of surprises, and you are totally okay with it. You like to be prepared, but you know that you can never prepare for everything. Instead of feeling frustrated with unexpected situations, you see them as opportunities for growth. Yeah, planning is okay, but you find the greatest joy in the detours that life sends your way.

When working on a sewing project, you skim the instructions to get a general picture. You like to know where you are going, and you have a plan. If mistakes happen, you accept them as part of the process. A mistake is a great opportunity to learn and grow—but if it is a mistake that no one will notice, you just let it go.

How to develop your sewing if you are a carefree sewist

1. Your cool is your greatest weapon...

While others get frustrated and many eventually abandon sewing, you keep your cool in all situations. Use this to your advantage as you look for projects that are more challenging.

2. ...but it can cause you not to push harder

Because you are okay with many mistakes that happen in sewing, you might end up not trying to improve your practice. Mistakes will happen, and good is better than perfect, but push yourself to always get closer to that ideal garment.

3. Planning can be your friend

Overplanning can be a drag, but a little bit of planning can go a long way in improving your process and product. Reading the instructions, having your materials ready to go, having a timeframe in mind—they can make you a better sewist.

Hey, there, and welcome—I'm Paula 

I’m the sewist behind SewGoth, a blog for alt/goth and other non-comforming sewists who want to create a wardrobe that matches their style and fit their bodies. 

I am a self-taught sewist who began sewing my own clothes because I could not find clothes in the style that I liked that fit my body. I have been sewing for over 15 years. I learned through trial and error, a ton of Internet research, and a few classes (when things got really difficult). 

I am a trained journalist and educator, which has been immensely helpful as I write my blog posts and develop my classes. I like to find the questions no one has answered yet and work my way until I find the answer. Then, I share it with the world through the blog or my classes. Sewing has changed my life—I know that I can clothe my body in a way that respects my shape and represents my style.

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