Free Goth-Them-Yourself Patterns, Part 2

Image of a woman wearing a skater dress made of dark blue fabric with white and red polka dots standing in front of a wall covered in vines
Valley Skater Dress, Sinclair Patterns

I had the best time going around the Internet looking for free patterns that lend themselves to a goth interpretation. There are SO many free patterns out there, friends! Honestly, it is almost overwhelming—and the main reason why this list is by no means a comprehensive one. The list got so long that what was meant to be a two-part list had to be extended to three. Part 2 will cover dresses and pants. Next week, we’ll look at shirts and outwear.

All the patterns on this list are free, downloadable, and size-inclusive.


Bellflower Dress, Mood Fabrics

Bellflower dress design lines
Bellflower Dress Line Drawing

One look at the Bellflower and you can see it in all its goth glory. The raised neckline and the seam on the sleeves create visual interest up top while the Bishop sleeves cascade over a narrow cuff. The side seams are hiked up with the help of drawstrings to reveal just enough leg.

Made for knit fabrics, the sample on Mood’s site is sewn in a gorgeous bronze velour for maximum luxury and comfort. This is a great contender for a holiday party dress. Sizes go from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

Cora Half-Sleeve Dress, Fabrics Store

Cora Half-Sleese Dress, Image by Fabrics Store

The Cora Half-Sleeve dress was made for the prairie goth who loves running up the hill under the moonlight. This pattern was created for linen fabrics, but you can use any woven fabric with a bit of structure. This is a simple dress that does not require zippers of buttons (yay!).

To select a size, the pattern suggests looking at the finished bust measurements (from a 34-inch bust for size 0/2 to 53-inch bust for a 24/26). The layered PDF allows you to only print the size that you need—saving you time since you don’t have to try to find your size in a sea of lines and dots. Go get the dress tutorial, you can visit the Thread Blog.

Noor Wrap Dress, Fabrics Store

Image of line drawing for the Noor Wrap dress
Noor Wrap Dress

Another Fabrics Store pattern, the Door is a wrap dress with slightly puffy sleeves, gathered skirt, and ribbon closure, details that give the dress a romantic goth vibe. Designed specifically for linen, this pattern will work well with woven fabrics that have some structure.

Sizes run from 0/2 or XS (33/34 bust, 25/26 waist, 35-36 hip) to 28/30 or 4X (54/56 bust, 46/48 waist, 56-58 hip). The full tutorial can be found on the Thread Blog.

Portia Party Dress, Rebecca Page Patterns

Image of line drawing for the Portia Party dress
Portia Party Dress Line Drawing

The name says it all: the Portia is a party dress, and in its free version is meant for knit fabrics. If you want to sew it in a woven fabric, you will have to purchase the full pattern. Is there such a thing as Greek goddess goth?

Image of a cut of green velvet fabric
Green velvet waiting to become a Portia Party Dress

The free version has a V-neck, two styles to the back (open from neck to waist or neck to mid-back), and a knee-length skirt. Sizes go from XXS (31 bust, 25 waist, 34 hip) to 5XL (54 bust, 50 waist, 57 hip).

Valley Skater Dress, Sinclair Patterns

Image of Sinclair Skater Dress Line Drawing
Sinclair Skater Dress, Line Drawing

No matter who you are or the aesthetics you embrace, everybody needs a skater dress. The Valley Skater dress features three neckline options (crew, scoop or boatneck style), fitted shoulders and bust, semi-fitted waist, and a half-circle peplum or a knee-length flared skirt. And you can add pockets!

This pattern is made for knit fabrics. Hack the Valley Skater, and you will have a million other options. Sizes go from 0/XXS (31 ½ bust, 24 waist, 34 hip) to 30/4XL (60 bust, 52.5 waist, 63 hip).


Anything But Basic Women’s Leggings, DIBY Club

Anything But Basic Women’s Leggings Line Drawing
Anything But Basic Women’s Leggings

Leggings are comfortable, easy to sew, and super versatile. The Anything But Basic Women’s Leggings Line Drawing has four length options so you can make versions to go the gym, work, and the club with just one pattern.

Make them in a cozy knit to lounge at home or wear under a dress in colder days, or use stretch velvet or pleather for a club-worthy pair. Two size ranges: Misses (24 waist, 34 full hip to 39 waist, 48 ¾ full hip) and Plus (36 waist, 45 1/2 full hip to 59 ¾ waist, 67 full hip).

Aster Pants, Mood Fabrics

Aster Pants Line Drawing
The Aster Pants

The Asper Pants are a modern take on the 80s’ pleated pants. They feature a high waist and two pleats that bring on the volume with two length variations, capri or long.

With the right fabric, zippers, and chains, the Aster can become a raver goth’s dream. For a more polished look, make it in silk. You’ll get a super chic pair of pants that moves like a skirt. Sizes go from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

Calamity Jeans, Mood Fabrics

Image of a pair of straight-legged jeans with rolled up cuffs
Calamity Jeans, Image by Mood Fabrics

Described as the perfect blend of vintage and modern, the Calamity Jeans are the perfect pair pants for the rockabilly goth. With a high-waist and a straight-leg boyfriend fit, they will look as good in denim as they will in a black twill.

 Sizes go from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

Jamesia Pants, Mood Fabrics

Image of a woman from the waist down wearing a pair of pants with bell bottom cuffs
Jamesia Pants, Image by Mood Fabrics

The Jamesia can be described as entry-level pants: seams are kept to a minimum and pockets were cut out completely. These pants are meant to highlight the fabric, so go crazy with your choice!

If you want the feeling of accomplishment that comes with sewing pants without having to deal with pleats, pockets, or belt loops, the Jamesia Pants pattern is for you.  Sizes go from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

Lilium Pants, Mood Fabrics

Image of a woman wearing a pair of dark navy, red, and white plaid
Lilium Pants, Image by Mood Fabrics

The Lilium Pants are another great pair of entry-level pants. Simple lines, minimal seams, and no pockets make of this an easy and quick sew. The minimal seams and no pockets also make it easy to match any print, so you can get some nice plaid and make all your death rock dreams come true!

An extra bonus? These are the perfect pants to wear your Docs with. Sizes go from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

But wait, there is more… part 3 is yet to come!

I thought I could fit all the patterns in two posts, but lucky for you, there are just too many awesome patterns out there! Next week, part 3 of the list will cover shirts and outwear. I would love to see your goth interpretation of the patterns on this list. Share a picture in the comment below. Happy goth sewing!


  1. December 19, 2021 / 1:23 pm

    I found that The Lennox Dress of Moods is really gothic ,too.They have quiet a lot gothish Pattern these year

    • SewGoth
      December 19, 2021 / 6:37 pm

      It is beautiful! I am adding that to my list of future makes. Thanks for sharing!

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