Free Goth-Them-Yourself Patterns, Part 3

Image of a woman standing in front of a pink background wearing a black cowl with white eyes
No-Knit Cowl

We finally reached the last part of the Free Goth-Them-Yourself Patterns list (Part 1 and Part 2 are pretty awesome too!). The Internet is full of amazing wonders—including hundreds of free sewing patterns. I collected what I thought would be great candidates for a goth makeover, but there is so much more out there! The patterns below are beautiful, size-inclusive, and ready to cross over to the dark side.


Beau Pleated Shirt, Fabrics Store

Front and back images of a woman with a short bob wearing a black shirt with vertical tucks on the front and a hidden placket.
Beau Shirt, Image: Fabrics Store

This shirt features pleating details on the front with a casual, relaxed fit. The concealed button placket transitions easily to the front tucks, turning a simple shirt into a statement piece.

The front tucks give the Beau a classic, romantic look. The pattern is made specifically for linens, but any light to medium weight woven fabric would make a beautiful shirt. Sizes go from 0/2 or XS (33/34 bust, 25/26 waist, 35-36 hip) to 28/30 or 4X (54/56 bust, 46/48 waist, 56-58 hip).

Cadia Shirt, Mood Fabrics

Line drawing of the Cadia shirt, a zero-waste pattern for a shirt with a boat neckline and big, massively puffy three-quarter sleeves.
Cadia Shirt, Line Drawing

Gorgeous, beautiful, AND minimal waste pattern Yes, the Calla is all these things! Sew this shirt with its sleeves for days, and you will end up with ONE piece of fabric—a small oval from where you will cut out the neck hole.

Seriously—those sleeves! Imagine twirling on the dance floor to some slithering goth song as you move your arms! This shirt is made for flowy fabrics like voile, gauze, or silk.

Mood Sorrel Top, Mood Fabrics

Image of a dressform with a pink satin shirt with a low neckline, puffy sleeves, and a corset-like midsection for the shirt
Sorrel Top, Image: Mood Fabrics

The Sorrel is a faux-corset blouse pattern made for knit fabrics. To give the top its structure, the pattern requires rigilene boning. With a low neckline, puffy sleeves, and a touch of Bishop sleeves, this top is perfect for the romantic goth among us.

Sorrel’s major romantic goth vibes will be properly realized if you choose some stretch lace. Or go full-blown goth with some red or black velvet. Sizes go from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).


Calla Coat, Mood Fabrics

Image of the line drawing for the Calla coat, an ankle-length coat with raglan sleeves, oversized patch pockets, and a large belt
Calla Coat, Line Drawing

The Calla Coat is an ankle-length coat with simple lines, large patch pockets, and raglan sleeves. It is fully lined, and it includes an oversized faux belt. Even though impressive in its length, the pattern is not complicated, making it a great one if you want to try your hand at coat making.

I can see this coat in black wool fabric with a red lining, or maybe a monochrome version with black velvet and black lining. Now, just imagine yourself walking down an empty street, coat flapping against the wind, while you listen to “Bella Lugosi Is Dead” on your earbuds. Goth dreams come true. Sorrel’s major romantic goth vibes will be properly realized if you choose some stretch lace. Sizes run from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

Elm Jacket, Mood Fabrics

Image of the line drawing for the Elm jacket, a military style jacket
Calla Coat, Line Drawing

This list of outwear would not be complete without the addition of a military-inspired jacket. The Elm is an early 19th century-inspired double-breasted jacket. It balances the masculinity of the jacket with a feminine shape for a close-to-your-skin garment.

This is a pattern for heavier knit fabrics like scuba or ponte. Let your military goth come out to play in an Elm with lots of buttons, epaulettes, and some badges. Sizes from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

Hydrus Coat Redux, Mood Fabrics, (and the original Hydrus Coat)

Image of a blonde woman against a snowy field. The woman is wearing a long burnt orange wool coat
Hydrus Coat Redux, Image: Mood Fabrics

Another ankle-length coat, the Hydrus Redux is a slight variation on the Hydrus, a cosplay pattern Inspired by the character Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts. The original Hydra has square patch pockets, belt loops, and a belt; the Redux version changes this up with rounded pockets and no belt loops or belt.

Image of a person with short hair walking along a stone wall. They are wearing a long gray coat with oversized patch pockets
Hydrus Coat, Image: Mood Fabrics

This is another great coat project for a beginner. This is a pattern for wovens, so you can start with a stable cotton fabric and branch out to more demanding choices like velvet or brocade. Another great pattern to let your big bad goth shine. Sizes run from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

No-Knit Fabric Cowl, SewGoth Blog

No-Knit Cowl

More of a tutorial than a pattern, this project uses bigger scraps of knit fabric to create a cowl. You can sew a bunch of smaller scraps and create a patchwork cowl, or you can use two different fabrics to create a double-sided piece.

I used leftover tweed ponte with a big gold button for a more classic look and some black fabric with glow-in-the-dark eyes for a fun Halloween-is-every-day touch. They are perfect for cooler days in Los Angeles, where summer ended about a week ago.

Slouchy Cardi, Peppermint Mag

Image of a woman with blond hair wearing a white t-shirt, black jeans, and a gray slouchy sweater
Slouchy Cardi, Image: Peppermint Mag

Named after its most obvious characteristic, the Slouchy Cardi is a knee-length slouchy cardigan with a wrap-around collar and sleeve cuffs—that is, NO HEMMING! It also features in-seam pockets because, you know, pockets are awesome.

Oh, the possibilities with this pattern! I already made one with some black and white polka-dot ponte from Joann, and it is so cute! And I have been having visions of a version in faux fur–black for my basic needs, and some animal print for when I am feeling extra. Sizes range from A (28 bust, 30 waist, 24 hip) to 30 (49 ½ bust, 51 ½ waist, 45 ½ hip).

Winterberry Cape, Mood Fabrics (and the updated Winterberry Cape)

Image of the line drawing of the Winterberry cape, a cape with four lenghts
Winterberry Cape Line Drawing

If you thought this list was going to end without a cape being featured, well, you were wrong. The original Winterberry is an ankle-length cape that will make you every bit the vampire you once wanted to be. Not feeling the full cape vibe? Try the updated Winterberry with three length options, 26″, 38″, and 48″.

This project requires A LOT of fabric… but just imagine the swish factor of this cape! This pattern is meant for woven fabrics, and it requires a lining. Sizes go from 2 (32 ½ bust, 24 ½ waist, 34 ½ hip) to 30 (58 ½ bust, 49 ½ waist, 68 hip).

Want more free patterns?

I hope these lists inspire you to create your own garments. I am adding a few more resources below so that you can do your own digging. I hope you find goth-worthy sewing pattern treasure!

All Sewing Patterns

Fabrics Store

Mood Fabrics

Peppermint Mag (with size limitations)

So Sew Easy

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