The Overcasting Foot: How to Mimic a Serger Finish for Less than $10

Image of an overcasting foot against a white background

My love affair with my serger is well documented. I cannot imagine sewing without it. I bought my first serger at the same time I got my sewing machine, and I haven’t been without it since. Investing in a serger is not always possible, and you can live a happy sewing life without one. And a little known sewing foot can give you a similar raw edge finish for almost nothing. Say hello to my little friend, the overcasting foot.

An investment of less than $10

I purchased my overcasting foot a few years ago with the intention of bringing it back home for vacation. I have a sewing machine in Brazil but no serger. I then completely forgot about it.

I was organizing my feet recently when I rediscovered it. I had to go online to find out which foot this was and was pleasantly surprised to realize what this one was. 

How to Use an Overcasting Foot

The Verdict

To get the closest comparison, I did not use the serger blade. It was obvious that I was not going to get the exact finish, but for less than $10, the result is pretty good.

I am definitely packing my overcasting foot when I go back home!

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