Sewing 101: Knit Resources for Beginners

Image of three t-shirts on a white table: a black one, a blue one with white cats, and a gray one with black cats.
Knit Tees

You’ve just started sewing. Or maybe you’ve already made a few woven fabrics. You decide to sew a garment using stretchy fabric. You apply the same principles you’ve been using with success to this new type of material. The end result? A stretchy mess 🙁

Knit fabrics have the reputation of being difficult to work with. There are lots of myths surrounding work with knits: You need a special machine, you need lots of experience, you need to ingratiate yourself with the Gods of Sewing (okay, I made this one up). The reality is quite different. 

Image of a piece of gray knit fabric with black cats. The fabric is being stretched by two hands. The fabric is on an ironing board covered with a beige fabric with sewing motifs in brown.
Rayon Jersey Fabric, Light and Stretchy

Knit fabrics are a joy to work with—if you know how to work with them. They are more forgiving when it comes to fitting. They can be used to create fancy clothing that feels like you are wearing your pajamas. And you can totally sew knits with your sewing machine.

If you were on the fence about knit fabrics, here are a few blog posts that will help you with the basics of working with knits.


Image of an ash rose piece of fabric showing two rows of zigzag stitch
ZigZag Stitches

The Perks of Sewing with Knit Fabrics

What to Look for When Sewing with Knit Fabrics

The Right Type of Knit Fabric for Your Project

Easy Projects

Imge of three pairs of shorts: a black one with pink pigs, a black with with white cameos, and a black one with tiny polka dots
A Trio of Knit Shorts

More Scrap Busting: Stay-at-home Shorts

Keeping it Cozy: DIY No-Knit Fabric Cowl

The Many Lives of a T-Shirt Pattern, Part 1: Hacking A T-Shirt into Tops

The Many Lives of a T-Shirt Pattern, Part 2: Hacking A T-Shirt into a Dress

Still Need Help?

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