You Are a Methodical Sewist

You take your take with everything in life, so why would sewing be any different? You like to know what you are getting yourself into. Planning is one of your superpowers. Before you start any sewing project, you have a clear path that you will be following. You read the pattern instructions, research unknown techniques, and sew a muslin or two before moving on to the real thing.

Precision is very important to you, so you move from one step to the other without rushing. When you make a mistake, there is no doubt you have to go back and fix it. You want every garment to be perfect; this is why you don’t mind unpicking the whole thing. You will spend hours making sure that every stitch, button, and dart are perfect—or as close to as humanly possible.

How to develop your sewing if you are a methodical sewist

1. Move to more complex projects

Because of your disciplined nature, you can develop your sewing skills easily by sequencing projects that are increasingly more difficult. Hitting a tough spot does not discourage you; you will take the time to research or look for help. 

2. Leave room for spontaneity

It is great that you take your time and enjoy following a process, but sometimes the best breakthroughs come when we throw caution to the wind. Consider sewing a pattern without referencing the instructions. You might be surprised with what your brain can do when you let it roam free.

3. Keep on sewing!

Sometimes, being methodical means taking your time to complete a project. At times, taking your time might seem like everything takes too long to get done. Don’t let your pace discourage you! The best way to become a better sewist is to keep on sewing.

Hey, there, and welcome—I'm Paula 

I’m the sewist behind SewGoth, a blog for alt/goth and other non-comforming sewists who want to create a wardrobe that matches their style and fit their bodies. 

I am a self-taught sewist who began sewing my own clothes because I could not find clothes in the style that I liked that fit my body. I have been sewing for over 15 years. I learned through trial and error, a ton of Internet research, and a few classes (when things got really difficult). 

I am a trained journalist and educator, which has been immensely helpful as I write my blog posts and develop my classes. I like to find the questions no one has answered yet and work my way until I find the answer. Then, I share it with the world through the blog or my classes. Sewing has changed my life—I know that I can clothe my body in a way that respects my shape and represents my style.

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