More Goth/Alt Sewing Pattern Designers

Image of a woman standing in front of a white garage door. She wears a black dress with white moons and stars.
Legend Sisters Pattern Willow Dress

A question I get often is, “Where can I find alt/goth patterns?” With so many pattern designers, you would imagine that this is an easy question to answer. It is not. Two years ago, I wrote a blog post highlighting pattern designers that create specifically for the goth/alt sewist. The list included four designers—George+Ginger, Legend Sisters, OhMyGoth, and Slightly Sinister. Of the four, only George+Ginger has released more patterns since that blog post was written.

Since that post, however, I found a few more designers whose collections reflect a strong alt/goth aesthetic—even though they do not claim to create with these styles in mind. As you browse the selections below, you might have to use your imagination to picture the samples on darker colors or different materials. I think you will agree with me that they all have lots of goth/alt potential. 

NOTE: All of the companies offer downloadable PDFs. If it is your first time downloading a PDF file, click HERE.

Antimony and Lace

This is not a sewing pattern designer, but a blog with lots of sewing and DIY tutorials. If you are just starting to sew and want a simple project to get going, this is a great place to start. And the tutorials are free!

Black Snail Patterns

Image of many Victorian and Edwardian sewing pattern envelopes
Historical patterns that can be adapted to create a goth outfit

This is an Etsy shop dedicated to historical costume sewing patterns. Since a lot of the romantic goth and steampunk looks come from Edwarddian and Victorian influences, these patterns are a great option. Because of the intricacies of period pieces, this is a better choice for sewists with some experience under their cloak.

Gunnar Deatherage

Image of an envelope pattern for a flowy robe sewn in red with fur trim.
Imagine this is black!

This Project Runway alumnus has a sewing pattern line full of over-the-top, dress-to-impress garments that are perfect for alt/goth sewists. There is no shortage of flowy garments, pleats, gathers, and puffiness. The samples are very colorful, but you can totally tell that there are lots of goth outfits waiting to be sewn from the patterns.


Picture of three patters: A modern jacket over a circle skirt, a bundle for sleeve options, and a bundle for a simple tunic, pants and a shirt dress
Cosplay patterns that you can adapt into goth clothes

This is more of a cosplay pattern designer, but what’s cosplay for someone is another person’s Tuesday morning outfit. The sewing sets and bundles are great buys and offer lots of possibilities for the goth/alt sewist.

Pattern Apothecary

Image of four sewing patterns and images of the finished project. The first is a mini dress with long sleeves. The second is a long dress with long sleeves. The third is another long dress with statement cuffs. The final is a long 90s style floral dress.
Sewing patterns for the modern goth

Even though not identified as an alt/goth designer, the patterns are perfect for a more minimalist version of goth fashion. Not the most inclusive size chart (I’m sized out if using my waist measurements), but if you are a sewist with some experience, the patterns seem simple enough that grading up might be a consideration.


Picture of three patters: A long, Renaissance-like shift, a short Edwardian combination, and a bustle.
Undergarments that will shine as outwear

A mix of modern and cosplay, many of this designer’s patterns are perfect for a more conceptual goth wardrobe. There is a lot to go through here—from Star Wars-inspired cosplay to runway-worthy pieces.

Riva Pattern

This is an Etsy-based shop with a vast collection of sewing patterns. Some patterns are specifically designed for the goth/alt sewist. You can simply go through the long list of offerings and look for words like Gothic, Cottagecore, Renaissance, and Medieval to locate the most promising patterns.

Scorned Clothing

A clothing store that also sells sewing patterns, Scorned Clothing may not have a lot of options of patterns, but they sure are beautiful—and perfect for the goth sewist. 

Image of a pattern envelope for palazzo pants. the model wears black and gray striped pants.

Start Your Goth Sewing Now

I always get fired up when I come across a designer that speaks to my goth aesthetic. Every time I write a post like this one, I end up spending my (self-imposed) monthly sewing budget in one afternoon. It is money well spent. I will make sure to write pattern reviews for all the projects I sew, and I’d love to see any projects you sew with patterns from any of these designers.

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