Dress as Pajamas: Empire-Waist Plantain Hack

There was a lot of sewing going on in the house for the holidays. In the midst of a lockdown, I sewed two pretty cocktail dresses, one a velvet smock inspired by a Vampire’s Wife… View Post

Sew Your Own: H&M Vampire’s Wife Velvet Dress

I learned about the cute velvet smock that became the subject of this tutorial while scrolling through my Instagram feed. A couple of people I follow mentioned the dress, a partnership between H&M and Vampire’s… View Post

Casual Goth Combo: Simplicity 1941 and Summer Goth Skirt

I really like the Gothic Lolita look, but I don’t really think it works for me. While all the beautiful ruffles, pintucks, ribbon, and lace make others look romantic and dreamy, I look like a… View Post

DIY Sewing/Serger Machine Cover

For too long, my sewing machine, my serger, and my coverstitch have been sitting there, uncovered, exposed to the elements. I have been doing my due diligence and trying to keep them clean, but what… View Post

All My Scissors

I love shiny things. Maybe this is why I ended up with more pairs of scissors than I can actually use. I love how their metal sparkles whenever sunlight coming in from the window hits… View Post