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Mid-Century Inspired Sewing Table

My DIY Sewing Table with My Jukis

For most of my sewing life, my studio was my dining table. We eat at the coffee table while watching TV (I know, I know, we are grown-ups, but what can I say?), so we never really had much use for a dining table. First, it was just the sewing machine—and only when I was sewing, but then I was sewing all the time. Then came the serger. When I bought a cutting mat, the table was completely taken by all things sewing. And for the last seven years, this was my sewing studio.

Last year, I decided that I needed a more permanent situation. I did my research and planned to “make” my own table. I purchased these legs from Amazon, bought a cheap piece of wood, some stain, and built my own sewing table. I sanded the wood until it was smooth to the touch. Because I did not want the house to be full of wood dust, I had to take the wood outside. It was not fun balancing it on the railing of my very small porch while making sure that I did not rip the plug of the sander off the wall.

To stain the tabletop, I used MinWax Wood Stain in Golden Oak. The fumes can be dangerous, so I did the staining in the garage. I applied one coat, let the piece dry overnight, and applied a second one for the best color result. Another day of drying and the tabletop was ready a clear protective coat of Minwax polyurethane. The process took a few days because of the drying between coats.

For my cutting table, I was lucky to find a pair of used Ikea trestles for $20 apiece (original price $50 each!). I spent less than $10 on an Ikea table top. My 24×36 cutting mat fits perfectly on top of the table. I am living dangerously as I did not screw the tabletop to the trestles; so far, no accidents, but I should make the whole thing safer with a handful of screws.

For the first time ever, I have a sewing space. No more moving everything when we have guests; no more bending over a table that is too short not to cause some serious lower back pain; no more feeling guilty about making the place look like a mess.

Cutting Table, Meet Sewing Table

I have the most satisfying sense of accomplishment. We have a dining table (even though we continue to have our meals in front of the TV), and I have my own sewing space. I can cut, pin, sew, and serge to my heart’s content.

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