Scrap Busting: Sun/Eyeglasses Case

For a while, my sunglasses and reading glasses had been neatly lined up on a table waiting for the day when I would have time to sew them soft cases to keep them protected. I… View Post

Fifteen Sewing Tools I Cannot Live Without

Every year during summer, I spend 4-6 weeks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am a high school librarian, so I have the time, and my family lives in Rio, so I have a reason.… View Post

Wardrobe Builder: The Skirt

Skirts: A Love Affair The first garment I have ever sewn was a skirt. It was made out of a hideous fabric, in the wrong size, and without any finished seams. It was a disaster.… View Post

Three Little Dresses

A few months ago, I purchased two cuts of Cotton+Steel jersey fabric at Michael Levine. They were not cheap; when I placed the bolts on the cutting table, the store clerk read me the price… View Post