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Want some goth inspiration for Spring? Here are a few ideas!

Image of a woman sideways to the camera against a pink background. She wears a bacl t-shirt with lace short sleeves and a knee-length two-tiered black skirt. She wears boots.

The Sojourner Dress

With warmer weather just around the corner, the Sojourner is the perfect pattern for all the Spring frolicking you have been looking for.

Image of a woman facing the camera against a white background. She wears a dress in a back fabric with white half moons and starts. The dress has short sleeves, a gathered nechline, and an asymetric skirt. She wears boots.

The Portia Dress

This gorgeous goddess-like dress by Rebecca Page is easy to sew and wonderful to wear. 

Image of a woman facing the camera against a background of green vines. She wears a black t-shirt with black shorts. She wears open-toed shoes.

The Wilder Gown

This is a much shorter version of the original Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Co. Short or long, the Wilder demands to be taken for walks in flower fields.